Introduction to Creating  Video Games

Agile Software Development

Agile Project Management

Testing and Guest Lecture with Genevieve

Project 2 Presentations

Guest Lecture with SWERY of Access

UI and Usability

Guest Lecture on Development and Best Practices

Project 3 Presentations

Serious Games, Simulation and Abstractions


Guest Lecture (Scot Osterweil of MIT Game Lab)

Team Dynamics

Working with Artist (Guest Lecture by Luigi)

Fiction and Narrative in Video Games)

Working with Sound Designers

Writing in Games

Cutting Features ; Scope

Team Discussions

Running a Game Studio

Getting Players to Your Game

Final Presentations Rehearsals

Final presentations

Instructor Introduction : Philip Tan

Instructor Introduction: Andrew Haydn Grant

Instructor Introduction: Richard Eberhardt

Instructor Introduction: Sara Verrilli

Instructor Interview: Teaching Students How to Solve Creative Problems as Teams

Instructor Interview: Sequencing Learning Experiences

Instructor Interview: Teaching the Iterative Process

Instructor Interview: Fostering Diversity of Voices

Instructor Interview: Assessing Students’ Projects

Instructor Interview: Refining the Course

Instructor Interview: Advice for Educators

Instructor Interview: Postmortem Analysis

Client Interview: Pablo Suarez

Student Interview: Tej Chajed

Student Interview: Matthew Susskind

Student Interview: Miriam Prosnitz

Student Interview: Lauren Merriman

Student Interview: Lenny Martinez

From Pitch to Product: The Development of Hello Waves




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