1. Course Introduction
2. Introduction to Classical Cryptography
3. The Threat Environment, Basic Security
4. The Threat Environment (cont…)
5. Traditional External Attackers, Classic
6. Trojan Horses and Rootkits (cont…),
7. Hackers, Social Engineering used by Hack
8. Cryptography Definitions & Concepts,
9. Cryptography (cont…), One-Time Pad,
10. Methods of Encryption, Symmetric 
11. Symmetric Algorithms, Block Ciphers,
12. Types of Symmetric Systems, Data Encrypt
13. DES (cont…), Triple DES (3DES)
14. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Inte
15. Asymmetric Key Algorithms, Diffie Hellma
16. Difference between Public Key Cryptograp
17. Message Integrity, Message Authentication
18. MAC (cont…), CMAC, Types of Hashing Al
19. Review of Symmetric Asymmetric and Hash
20. PKI (cont…), PKI Components, Certifica
21. Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP
22. Review of PKI Digital Certificates Certi
23. Link Encryption vs End-to-End Encryption
24. Review of Link Encryption vs End-to-End 
25. Quantum Cryptography, Internet Security
26. Secure HTTP(S-HTTP), Secure Electronic 
27. Typical Cryptography System Working, Se
28. IPSEC (cont…), Attacks: Passive
29. Enterprise Network Architecture
30. Enterprise Network Architecture (cont
31. Enterprise Network Architecture (cont..)
32. Firewalls, Types of Firewalls
33. Types of Firewalls (cont…), Firewall 
34. Enterprise Network Architecture (cont
35. IPS Technologies, IPS Response Technique
36. Common IPS Detection Methodologies (cont
37. System and Server Security
38. System and Server Security (cont…)
39. Web Application Security, Open Web Applion
40. OWASP (cont…), OWASP top 10, Secure SD
41. Information Security Assessments, Techni
42. Target Vulnerability Validation Technique
43. Security Features on Switches, Layer 2 S…
44. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Features, A…
45. Twenty Critical Security Controls, Award…

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