Lecture 1     Introduction to Atmospheres
Lecture 2     Retaining an Atmosphere
Lecture 3     The Perfect Gas Law
Lecture 4     Vertical Structure of the Atmosphere; Residence Time
Lecture 5     Earth Systems Analysis (Tank Experiment)
Lecture 6     Greenhouse Effect, Habitability
Lecture 7     Hydrostatic Balance
Lecture 8     Horizontal Transport
Lecture 9     Water in the Atmosphere I
Lecture 10     Water in the Atmosphere II
Exam 1     Exam 1
Lecture 11     Clouds and Precipitation (Cloud Chamber Experiment)
Lecture 12     Circulation of the Atmosphere (Exam I review)
Lecture 13     Global Climate and the Coriolis Force
Lecture 14     Coriolis Force and Storms
Lecture 15     Convective Storms
Lecture 16     Frontal Cyclones
Lecture 17     Seasons and Climate
Lab     Quinnipiac River Field Trip
Lecture 18     Seasons and Climate Classification
Exam 2     Exam 2
Lecture 19     Ocean Bathymetry and Water Properties
Lecture 20     Ocean Water Density and Atmospheric Forcing
Lecture 21     Ocean Currents
Lecture 22     Ocean Currents and Productivity
Lecture 23     El Niño
Lecture 24     Ice in the Climate System
Lecture 25     Ice and Climate Change
Lecture 26     Isotope Evidence for Climate Change
Lecture 27     Global Warming
Lecture 28     Global Warming II
Exam 3     Exam 3
Lecture 29     Global Warming III
Lecture 30     Climate Sensitivity and Human Population
Lecture 31     The Two Ozone Problems
Lecture 32     The Ozone Layer
Lecture 33     Energy Resources, Renewable Energy
Lecture 34     Renewable Energy
Lecture 35     Review and Overview
Final Exam     Final Exam

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