Reading Materials(Mp3 Lecture):

Time-Independent Hamiltonian 

Quantum Dynamics; Time-Evolution Operator

Schrödinger/Heisenberg/Interaction Pictures

Time-development of State Amplitudes/Resonant Driving of Two-Level System

Perturbation Theory 

Fermi’s Golden Rule

Supplement: Slowly Applied Perturbation

Irreversible Relaxation

Interaction Of Light and Matter

Supplement: Review of Electromagnetic Fields

Time-Correlation Functions

Absorption Lineshape from Time-Correlation Functions

Electronic Spectroscopy: The Displaced Harmonic Oscillator Model

Lineshapes: Fluctuation and Relaxation

Förster Theory and Marcus Theory

Angular Momentum in Spherical Tensor Operations

3-j and 6-j Coefficients

Hund’s Coupling Cases: Transformations of Basis Set

Bright State, Dark State, Pluck

Frequency Domain Spectrum as FT of Autocorrelation Function

Dynamical Quantities: Visualization of Dynamics

Motion of Center of Wavepacket

Resonance Operators: Equation of Motion

From Quantum Beats to Wavepackets

Types of Wavepacket

Supplement: Stationary Phase for Vibration-Electronic Spectra and Heller’s Fractionation Index

Complex Energy Heff: Nondegenerate Perturbation Theory

Quasi-degenerate Perturbation Theory

Polyads, a, a+, N

Dynamics in State Space and in Q, P Space

Chem Phys Lett 320 (2000): 553

Normal — Local Modes: Classical, Morse, Minimal Model

Normal — Local Modes: 6-Parameter Models

From Quantum Mechanical Heff to Classical Mechanical Heff

Electromagnetic Field-Dressed Potential Curves


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