1. Introduction to Discrete Math ,Statements,Negation,Conjunction and Disjunction
  2. Truth Tables, Logical Equivalence and De Morgan`s Law
  3. Laws of Logic their Applications and implications
  4. Biconditional,Laws of Logic involving biconditional and their Application
  5. Valid and Invalid Argument
  6. Application To Digital Circuits
  7. Sets ,Reprsentation of Sets,Membership Table
  8. Union ,Intersection,And some application
  9. Set Identities and Their Application
  10. Application of Venn Diagram, Partition of a set , Power set
  11. Cartesian Product ,Relations And Their Representations
  12. Reflexive,Symmetric and Tranisitive and Equivalence Relations
  13. Irreflexive,Anti-symmetric and Partial order Relations
  14. Inverse ,Complementary ,Composite Relations
  15. Functions,Arrow Diagram,Grapgh of Functions
  16. Injective,Surjective and Bijective Functions
  17. Equality,Inverse and Composition of Functions
  18. Algebra of Functions, Image& Inverse Image Functions,Finite & Infinite sets
  19. Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
  20. Series, Arithmetic and Geometric Series
  21. Recursion , Recursively defined Functions and Sequences
  22. Recursive definition of Sets ,Union, Intersection ,Boolean Expressions etc
  23. Introduction to Mathematical Induction
  24. Mathematical I nduction for Divisibility and Inequalities
  25. Methods of Proof, Direct Proof, Disproof by counter example
  26. In direct Proof, Proof by Contradiction and Proof by Contraposition
  27. Pre-& Post-conditions of an Algorithm, Loop Invariant& Theorem
  28. Loop to compute a Product , Division Algorithm ,Euclidean Algorithm
  29. The Sum and Product Rule
  30. K- Sample , K – Permutation
  31. K – Combinations , K – Selections
  32. Ordered and unordered Partitions,Permutations with repititons
  33. Tree Diagram , Inclusion – Exclusion Principle
  34. Pigeonhole Principle
  35. Introduction to Probability
  36. Addition Law of Probability
  37. Conditional Probability, Independent Events
  38. Random Variables.Probability Distribution,Expectation and Variance
  39. Introduction to Graph Theory
  40. Paths and Circuits
  41. Matrix Reprsentation Of Graphs

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