Whats all the matter Atoms and Molecules

What Engineers Make

Welding… with Class

Turn of the Earth

Thomas Young’s Double Slit Experiment

The Shape of Sound

The Science of Warp Drives

The Science of Bouncing

The Physics of Unicycling

The Math Behind Circular Motion

The Marangoni Effect: How to make a soap propelled boat

The invention of the Battery

The forces on an Airplane

The Doppler Effect

The Attractiveness of Magnetic Fields

Take a Ride on the Centrifuge

Surface Tension

Sports Car Aerodynamics Spoiler Alert!

Small is Mighty the Square-Cube Law

Shifts in Equilibrium

Shape Memory Materials

Series and Parallel Circuits A Water Analogy

Rocket Science!

Refraction in Gases

Pulleys are Cool

Pixel Engineering Long Exposure Photography

Newton’s Prism Experiment

Motion Graphs

Light in the Shadows the Poisson Spot

Indoor Flying Robots

How to Win a Bike Race Using Gears

How Information Travels Wirelessly

How do Ships Float

How 3D Glasses Work

Holiday Lights Series or Parallel

Heat Transfer

Gravity Weights For Everyone

Fluid Dynamics Non-Newtonian Fluids


Floating in Orbit (Slug Life Part 2)

Floating and Sinking A Fish Full of Folly

Exploring Circuits


Electricity From Solar Cells

Electri-fried Circuits

Elastic Collisions

Circular Motion


Bridge Design and Destruction Part II

Bridge Design and Destruction Part I

Bouncing Droplets Superhydrophobic and Superhydrophilic Surfaces

Beam Bending -Avoiding Failure

Balloon Buoyancy – What makes Balloons float

What does the Future of Nuclear Science  look like

Aristotle Vs Galileo – The Race of All Time

An Introduction to Calorimetry

A World without Friction

A Pop in the Night How Sound Helps us see in the Dark

2nd Floor Gravity

2D Equilibrium – Balancing Games




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