Course Introduction
Lecture 1: What holds our world together?
Lecture 2: Electric Field and Dipoles
Lecture 3: Electric Flux and Gauss’s Law
Lecture 4: Electrostatic Potential and Electric Energy
Lecture 5: Electrostatic Shielding (Faraday Cage)
Lecture 6: High-Voltage Breakdown and Lightning
Lecture 7: Capacitance and Field Energy
Lecture 8: Polarization and Dielectrics
Lecture 9: Currents, Resistivity and Ohm’s Law
Lecture 10: Batteries and EMF
Lecture 11: Magnetic field and Lorentz Force
Lecture 12: Review Exam 1 (Secret Top!)
Lecture 13: Moving Charges in B-fields
Lecture 14: Biot-Savart Law
Lecture 15: Ampere’s Law
Lecture 16: Electromagnetic Induction
Lecture 17: Motional EMF and Dynamos
Lecture 18: Displacement Current and Synchronous Motors
Lecture 19: How do magicians levitate women?
Lecture 20: Inductance and RL Circuit
Lecture 21: Magnetic Materials
Lecture 22: Hysteresis and Electromagnets
Lecture 23: Review for Exam 2
Lecture 24: Transformers, Car Coils and RC Circuits
Lecture 25: Driven LRC Circuits and Resonance
Lecture 26: Traveling Waves and Standing Waves
Lecture 27: Resonance and Destructive Resonance
Lecture 28: Index of Refraction and Poynting Vector
Lecture 29: Snell’s Law, Refraction and Total Reflection
Lecture 30: Polarizers and Malus’s Law
Lecture 31: Rainbows
Lecture 32: Review for Exam 3
Lecture 33: Double-Slit Interference and Interferometers
Lecture 34: Gratings and Resolving Power
Lecture 35: Doppler Effect and The Big Bang
Lecture 36: Farewell Special

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