Lecture 1       Introduction to the Course
Lecture 2       Classical Views of Disease: Hippocrates, Galen, and Humoralism
Lecture 3       Plague (I): Pestilence as Disease
Lecture 4       Plague (II): Responses and Measures
Lecture 5       Plague (III): Illustrations and Conclusions
Lecture 6       Smallpox (I): “The Speckled Monster”
Lecture 7       Smallpox (II): Jenner, Vaccination, and Eradication
Lecture 8        Nineteenth-Century Medicine: The Paris School of Medicine
Lecture 9        Asiatic Cholera (I): Personal Reflections
Lecture 10      Asiatic Cholera (II): Five Pandemics
Lecture 11       The Sanitary Movement and the “Filth Theory of Disease”
Lecture 12        Syphilis: From the “Great Pox” to the Modern Version
Lecture 13        Contagionism versus Anticontagionism
Exam 1                Midterm Exam
Lecture 14         The Germ Theory of Disease
Lecture 15         Tropical Medicine as a Discipline
Lecture 16          Malaria (I): The Case of Italy
Lecture 17          Malaria (II): The Global Challenge
Lecture 18           Tuberculosis (I): The Era of Consumption
Lecture 19           Tuberculosis (II): After Robert Koch
Lecture 20           Pandemic Influenza
Lecture 21            The Tuskegee Experiment
Lecture 22            AIDS (I)
Lecture 23            AIDS (II)
Lecture 24             Poliomyelitis: Problems of Eradication
Lecture 25             SARS, Avian Influenza, and Swine Flu: Lessons and Prospects
Lecture 26              Final Q&A
Exam 2                     Final Exam

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