Child Development

2. Factors Affecting Development: Biology and Environment.
3. Twin and Adoption Studies
4. Continuity of Development
5. National Surveys & Epidemiological Studies
6. Self-Reports and Observation
7. Correlation and Experimentation
8. Case Studies and Studies Using Combined Methodologies
9.Structural-Organismic perspectives & Psychodynamic Theory
10.Piagetian Theory & Vygotsky’s Sociocultural View
11.Behaviorism and Cognitive, Social Learning Theories
12.Socio-cultural Theory and Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory
13. Ethological and Evolutionary Approach
14.Prenatal Development and Birth : Stages of Prenatal Development
15.Prenatal Development and Birth: Birth and the Beginnings of Life
16. Newborn: Socio-Cultural Perspective
18. Infancy: Sensation, Perception and Learning
19. Brain, Body, Motor Skills and Sexual Mat…
20. Brain, Body, Motor Skills and Sexual Maturation: Nutrition, Physical Growth, Sexual Maturation & Sleep Patterns
21.Brain, Body, Motor Skills and Sexual Maturation: Being Over or Underweight and Obesity
22.Brain, Body, Motor Skills and Sexual Maturation: Need for exercise Play for growth and Security
23. Emotional Development and Attachment: Emotions and Emotional Regulation
24.Emotional Development and Attachment: Development, Nature and Quality of Attachment
25. Emotional Development and Attachment: Theories of Adolescent Emotional Maturation
26. Emotional Development and Attachment: Resilience and Coping with Traumatic Experiences
27.Language and Communication: Theories of Language Development
28. Language and Communication: Social and Creative Uses of Language
29. Language and Communication: Nature of Language and Thought in Infancy
30.Language and Communication: Multilingualism, Education and Mother Tongue
32. Intelligence and Achievement: Achievement Motivation and Intellectual Performance
33. Intelligence and Achievement: Learning Theories and Classroom Teaching
34.Socialization: The Family, Peers and Friends: The Family System
35. Socialization: The Family, Peers and Friends: Determinants of Parenting, Childrearing Practices and Styles
36.Socialization: The Family, Peers and Friends: Sibling and Peer Relations
37. Gender Roles and Gender Differences: Sex and Gender Roles
38. Gender Roles and Gender Differences: Theories of Gender Identity
39.Morality, Altruism and Pro-social Development: Theories of Moral Development
40. Morality, Altruism and Pro-social Development: Altruism and Pro-social Development
41. Developmental Psychopathology: Risk and Protective Factors
42.Developmental Psychopathology: Genetic Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling
43.Developmental Psychopathology: ADHD and Autism
44. Developmental Psychopathology: Aggression, Behavioral Problems and Conduct Disorders


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