1. Introduction: What We Eat, Why We Eat and the Key Role of Food in Modern Life
  2. Food Then, Food Now: Modern Food Conditions and Their Mismatch with Evolution
  3. Biology, Nutrition and Health I: What We Eat
  4. Biology, Nutrition and Health II: What Helps Us and Hurts Us
  5. Biology, Nutrition and Health III: The Psychology of Taste and Addiction
  6. Culture and the Remarkable Plasticity of Eating (Presentation by Ashley Gearhardt)
  7. Hunger in the World of Plenty
  8. Nutrition Transition and Global Food Issues
  9. From Ancient to Modern Farming: The Green Revolution and the Prospect of Feeding the World
  10. Sustainability I: The Impact of Modern Agriculture on the Environment and Energy Use
  11. Sustainability II: The Impact of Modern Agriculture on Biodiversity, Genetic Modification and Animal Welfare
  12. Public Health vs. Medical Models in Nutrition Change: Saving Lives One or a Million at a Time
  13. Eating Disorders and Obesity (Guest Lecture by B. Timothy Walsh)
  14. Perspectives of the Food Industry (Guest Lecture by Derek Yach)
  15. Economics, Nutrition and Health: Subsidies, Food Deserts and More
  16. Everyone but Me: The Pervasive Reach and Powerful Influence of Food Marketing on Food Choices
  17. The Politics of Food I: How Politics Affects National Nutrition Policy (Guest Lecture by Rogan Kersh)
  18. The Politics of Food II: The Issues, the Fights and Who Controls the Frame
  19. The Law and Opportunities to Improve Nutrition and Health (Guest Lecture by Stephen Teret)
  20. Schools and Nutrition: Where Health and Politics Collide (Guest Lecture by Marlene B.Schwartz)
  21. The Morphing of the Modern Diet (Guest Lecture by Brian Wansink)
  22. Sustainability and Health Food Access (Guest Lecture by Melina Shannon-DiPietro and Jennifer McTiernan)
  23. Success Stories, Innovation and Change from the Grass Roots

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